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The mission at Steve Miller Golf is to make a difference in every student’s game by unlocking their potential and elevating the overall golf experience.

The game of golf can be hard! When you are trying to break

100-90-80 for the first time, we all experience things that hold us back from doing so consistently. When we can pinpoint the aspects of your game that need work to achieve this & when you practice it under simulated pressure, you will accelerate the learning curve...and I'll guarantee the results.*

I will coach you on how to play your best by using a simple proven process:

  1. Determine the current state of your game by playing golf with you and observing what you do.

  2. Find out why you play and how good you want to be.

  3. Ask questions to determine your commitment level and help you set short and long-term goals.

  4. Create a personalized plan for success & coach you on the benefits of purposeful practice, play and the psychology of scoring.

There are four keys that I use to develop and grow your game:

  1. Full Swing Fundamentals

  2. Short Game Fundaments

  3. Practicing with a Purpose

  4. Managing the Course

* By committing to the program, and being open and willing to learn, you will achieve your goals, and if not, I will coach you until you do, at no additional cost. If you choose not to actively participate in the improvement plan, the guarantee is null and void.

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