Crushing Goals with The Scoring Method!

What's Included in the Program*:

  • 10 weekly scheduled sessions for guaranteed success (20 hours of coaching time with you...guaranteed!)

  • On-course sessions to play your best

  • Purposeful practice sessions to train & test skills

  • Learn & train the techniques you will need on-course

  • Learn how to keep track and understand stats

  • Use your rounds to set your practice plans

*3 Month Commitment Required

Psychology of Scoring - Scoring School!

What's Included:

  • 3-hour short game sessions (1, 2 or 3 Days Programs)

  • Learn what you need to be your best on and around the green! (Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Bunker Play)

  • Test your skills & take it to the course faster

  • 9-hole playing session every day with the pro

  • Pricing breaks for multiple players

  • Limited class schedule and size (max 4:1 ratio)

Yardage Charting and Club Gapping

This session is your chance to know how far you are carrying each club in your bag. During this session, you will strike a series of shots with each club, we take those averages and chart them for you so you can see the actual distance you hit each club. This will be a baseline when you play any round of golf. Once you know the distance, now you can assess the lie, wind, elevation, and emotions to pick the correct club for that shot. Leads to no more guessing and better scores!

Play with the Pro/Tournament Preparation

Are you ready to play with your Coach? This is a 4:00-4:30 session with Coach Steve, and during this session, we will determine your strengths and weakness on the course. I will have the opportunity to plan with you, how to play to your strengths while under pressure. If you’ve wanted to know how pros prepare for events, what they are thinking when they play, or how to handle outside pressure, this is an awesome way to gain this information! This is also your chance to determine your club selection and how to easily think your way around the course. This is perfect for upcoming tournament preparation!!

Customized Private Package

This package is specifically created for the individual who is not available to commit to a regularly scheduled program but is still looking for coaching. The student will receive the following:

  • 12 hours of Private Coaching

  • Guaranteed availability on my schedule

  • Customized Improvement Plan  

  • Play with the Pro Session  

  • The Scoring Method Workbook

  • Yardage Gapping Session  

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Stat Tracking

Call Steve now to create your custom package!