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Results Based Group and Personal Coaching
Are you tired of not shooting the scores you believe your can?
Do you want to know how to train less time but with a purpose?
Do you want to shoot those scores without 'fixing' your golf swing?

Do you want to see results like this???
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I believe that many golfers don't have a technique problem, they have a tension problem!


Here's a couple more questions to test the theory:

  • Have you ever hit a shot so poorly, been super frustrated, dropped another ball down and without thinking so much about it, absolutely striped it down the fairway or stuffed it next to the pin?

  • Have you ever played the Front 9 so poorly, stopped at the turn for a quick snack, said the heck with it, and then gone on to play way better on the Back 9?

  • Have you ever missed a short putt for that you were grinding on, dropped another after the miss from the same spot and made it with ease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you don't have a technique problem, you have a tension problem! You have allowed yourself to get overwhelmed by the situation or thoughts that you couldn't allow yourself to do what you naturally know how to do. If you want to feel freedom to play better and easier then I have the program for you! If you want to drop strokes and shoot the scores that you have wanted, you can absolutely do it! I have done this with all of my students and I'll do it with you! When you make a commitment to work with me, I will use my experience to create a customized program for you that includes:

  • game assessment that is based on how you play the game, manage the course and handle outside influences and pressure

  • A plan for realistic goal setting with periodic adjustments during the program

  • The creation of clear concepts and routines that you will apply to your game

  • Purposeful Training sessions to acquire and solidify skills and confidence, measure your progress, and develop the transference of skills you need directly to the course.

  • Accountability for you, the student, to measure specific stats on the course and use that feedback to adjust your training.

  • Continuous evaluation and feedback between the coach and student through on-course coaching sessions

So how to I make this happen?

You aren't the type of person who does something without a plan are you? You don't invest your money without doing research, or buy a house without inspecting it first. No....(hopefully!) It's the same with your golf game! If you knew exactly what you needed to work on in between rounds and not be guessing, you could train hard like the pros do, take less time doing it because it's directed, and start playing your best because you had faced pressure while doing it. That's training hard to play easy!!

We can do this in a group setting where you have a sense of community, camaraderie and  have to perform under pressure or we can do it exclusively private. The choice is yours and your game is going to get better because of it!

It's time to direct your time and resources into coaching more than "quick-fix"  lessons. Your scores will be lower, your self-confidence will be higher, and you will enjoy the game more...I guarantee it!  Now is the time to learn the real game of golf and post lower scores!

Click here or call now to chat with me and let's get you scheduled for an assessment!

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