What My Clients Are Saying...

" Years after working with Steve, he's the voice in my head when I'm out trying to card a great round. There are so many shots and techniques that make up my game that came directly from Steve. I reached out to Steve again this year when I was struggling with my game and it felt like every round I shot was in the mid- 90s.  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! Steve quickly created a game plan for me for what I needed to practice and how to play the course more strategically. So much so, that I shaved 14 strokes off the scores I was posting when we started. I just shot a career-low (83 and then 80!!) in back to back rounds last week! Thanks Steve!

Steve Gaitten, Purcellville, VA 

"In June of 2020, I felt lost, I had no game plan and my practice was unfocused. I had just shot a 98 and a 99, and my handicap went up from 16.5 to over 18. I was so frustrated! I contacted Steve, who was my Coach in VA before he moved to FL, and we talked about The Scoring Method and how it was going to work for me...I immediately signed up! Steve created a game plan for me and we focused on some simple practice routines for my short game. Within a few weeks, my putting improved so much, and my confidence on the greens had returned. I love The Scoring Method! It makes me focus on not wasting shots within 100 yards. My scores started to drop, and so did my handicap. Yesterday I shot an 84, my lowest round ever! It was so easy! 16.1 handicap index today. Thanks, Steve for being my mental coach. You're the best!"

(update October 2020) 

"...I can't believe how stress-free my rounds have been. I just shot a new career-low 83 today and my average scores are so much better. I just got my notification from the VSGA about my updated handicap index...14.1!!! I absolutely love golf again!!!

Anita Baarns, Purcellville, VA

"I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to play the game! You've changed my mindset and showed me how I was playing too reckless at times, and too conservative in others. You've barely changed anything in my swing technically, but you've given me so much more confidence and freedom, that I'm hitting it longer and scoring better. I also had no idea how much really went into putting and chipping to score better, but I do now! I am so happy with my results so far! I love using The Scoring Method, it changed my mentality of how I play the game! Thanks Steve "

Jaison Moras, Orlando, FL 

"I can't believe how much better I am playing since I started working with Steve. I still make the occasional mistake, but I'm so much better equipped to let it go and get back on track! Knowing what I need to work on in between my rounds of golf, allows me to direct my focus properly. I look forward to seeing my scores continue to drop!

Working with Steve Miller these last few months has been a blessing to me! If you want your game to get better and scores lower, go see Steve!"

Pat Lee, Orlando, FL  - Super Bowl XLV Champion - Green Bay Packers

Marie Putting.jpg

I recently spent several days working with Steve during a trip to Orlando. Steve has a tremendous amount of experience teaching and coaching golf, which allows him to customize sessions for the specific needs of his students. I especially liked Steve’s “Scoring Method” approach to coaching, which includes an on-course assessment that measures key statistics to identify both strengths and weaknesses. From there, we used our off-course time to focus on the areas that would yield the most results, then applied the learning on the next on-course session and re-measured the stats to see the improvements. Steve also developed a plan for me to work on back home, which I’ll be doing with his help through remote coaching sessions. As I’m approaching retirement and will have much more time for golf, I’m excited to continue working with Steve on my game!

Marie Holmes, Lake Wylie, SC